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The possibilities are limitless. At Richmond Brothers, Inc., we will help you achieve the financial independence you need during retirement to focus on what is meaningful to you.

Since 1994, Richmond Brothers has provided personal and proactive investment guidance to its family of clients. With a focus on retirement fund allocation, Richmond Brothers has been a trusted partner for hundreds of local people, including business owners, top executives, physicians, retirees and charitable foundations.

We invite you to discover more. Not only will you find information about financial wellness, but you will also acquire helpful tools, such as tips for your emotional and physical well being in this stage of life entitled retirement. Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Updates, News & Tips
September 2014 Market & Economic Brief
September 18th, 2014

Matt Curfman covers Richmond Brothers’ thoughts on what’s going on with the market and economy and how that affects our clients’ portfolios. In addition, he addresses the question, “What happens if the market takes a dive?” in this short clip.... (more)

Client Spotlight: Dedicated Volunteer
September 16th, 2014

Jackson Citizen Patriot’s Distinguished Citizen for 2011, Clay Carroll, has a passion for giving back. The first six months after this Human Resources guru retired from Eaton Aeroquip in 2006, he found the days dragged on; Clay realized that there was... (more)

Burning Question: Richmond Brothers’ Fees
September 9th, 2014

It’s the burning question that everyone wants to know: what and how do you charge for management fees? We know you’re savvy and well educated that fees that may seem small can have a major impact on your investment portfolio over time. We get that... (more)

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