Meet Our RB Family: Cindy

Posted on October 26, 2018

Richmond Brothers team is the almond butter to our jelly, the Simon to our Garfunkel, the wind to our wings. Without our team we never could have accomplished all we have today. It has been some time since we publicly thanked each and every one of them for all they have done, so we wanted to take the next few months to showcase our “peeps” and why they are so important to us. We hope you enjoy these posts as a way to really get to know those that make up your financial cheerleading team, too. –Tara Furnas, Vice President & Co-Owner

As our longest-serving employee, Cindy has over 16 years of experience as a concierge to our family of clients. Having assisted our clients and team in multiple ways over the years, Cindy has proven to be ever knowledgeable and flexible in her roles. Most recently she has taken over the management of the performance reports that our clients receive to better understand the progress in their accounts. Cindy truly has a knack for ensuring processes run smoothly and has a high attention to detail. She also manages the 10% transfer process for our clients that have the option so they can provide funding to their income or reinvest in their portfolios.

Cindy explained that her favorite thing about working at Richmond Brothers has been growing relationships with our clients. We know that Cindy has certainly had a positive influence on them; she has been instrumental in getting to know our extended family and lives out our mantra that "our clients are more than just an account number" on a daily basis. Whether you've had the pleasure of meeting Cindy in person or not, we hope you'll have fun peeking a bit more into her world.

  • Most unusual item in desk drawer – Nerf gun bullets (I have to keep them hidden from my co-workers) are definitely the most unusual item I have.
  • Best childhood memory – My best memory was spending time at my grandparents’ home on Farwell Lake. I really enjoyed the picnics, boating, swimming and ice skating.
  • Accomplishment you are most proud of – Celebrating my friendships. For over 20 years, I have been meeting up with high school classmates bi-monthly to share stories, a good meal, and to support one another.
  • Best vacation ever – My best vacation was when I went out West with the family. We visited Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. It was officially my last camping trip, after waking up in Yellowstone and a huge bison was just outside our tent having his morning breakfast.
  • Best concert attended – Jon Bon Jovi concert at the Palace was definitely the best.
  • What are you passionate about? -  My grandkids - all six of them!
  • Favorite family tradition – I love celebrating the Christmas season with my parents, children and grandchildren.

Cindy - having you on our team makes all the difference. Words could never be enough to admire your actions. It’s your careful attention to detail and dedication that makes you truly special and an asset to Richmond Brothers and our extended family of clients. We are looking forward to having you on the team for years to come! And of course thank you to Duane, Anna, Melissa, Travis and those six grandbabies for allowing us to share in your world, too.

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