Meet Our RB Family: Kira

Posted on November 30, 2018

Richmond Brothers team is the almond butter to our jelly, the Simon to our Garfunkel, the wind to our wings. Without our team we never could have accomplished all we have today. It has been some time since we publicly thanked each and every one of them for all they have done, so we wanted to take the next few months to showcase our “peeps” and why they are so important to us. We hope you enjoy these posts as a way to really get to know those that make up your financial cheerleading team, too. –Tara Furnas, Vice President & Co-Owner

With over 11 years under her belt, Kira serves as our Director of Marketing and Events. She oversees the branding of Richmond Brothers, Inc. and is responsible for helping to match our services with those who are in need of them. In addition she helps plan and execute our events, whether educational or social (we love to have fun in many different ways including wine tastings, sporting events and even murder mystery dinners). Kira also manages website and social media updates and educational mailings, including our Richmond Beat e-newsletter.

Kira stated that Richmond Brothers’ mission of making a difference in the lives of others is what really drew her to Richmond Brothers all those years ago. “I love knowing and seeing how we positively impact our family of clients. The upbeat family culture here is key to keeping me motivated and inspired every day.” Kira has certainly been instrumental in helping us impact our client family and the community. Whether or not you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kira here in the office, at one of the fantastic events that she plans and coordinates, or out in the community, we hope you’ll enjoy sneaking a peek into her world.

Most unusual item in desk drawer: I’m thinking it’s probably my Vitamin D drops – can never have enough liquid sunshine (especially in the winter months)!
First car & what you loved or hated about it: My first car was a white Pontiac 6000. That thing was a beast and was made of steel – they certainly don’t make them like that anymore! I saved up money from my paper route to purchase it and while it didn’t look pretty it got me around very well and was a great first vehicle! Plus when you backed into a big light in a parking lot at damage was even done to the car!
Something funny or endearing about a child: My daughter, Bianca, has been “forgetting” how to smile and making funny faces instead. I’ve been keeping track of her funny pictures and comparing them to the faces made by Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. This will be a great item to share at her graduation party!
Guilty pleasure: I LOVE a good before and after! While I rarely watch TV and actually don’t even have cable, when I do, it’s usually something on HGTV, like Property Brothers or Love It or List It.
Favorite place in the world: : I’ve determined my favorite place in the world is the Galapagos Islands. The small problem is that I’ve never been there before. So this is a bucket list item for me. I love animals and the idea that I can go to an island and see animals that don’t live anywhere else really gets me excited. Plus I love exploring and it just seems like the perfect mix!
What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about healthy, clean foods and mother Earth - I might be considered a bit of a “crunchy” mom…
Best meal you’ve ever had: One of the best meals I’ve ever had was on my honeymoon. My husband, Tony, and I went on the cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas and ate at a restaurant called, 150 Central Park. Tony got a Martini with Grey Goose, cucumber, lemongrass, mint and sour mix. It was a delicious palate cleanser! Then we had a chile spiked crab salad, bread with unsalted butter and natural flavored salts from around the world, cornbread gnocci, camembert and lager soup (it had bacon, arugula, and cayenne spiced caramel corn!!), sea bass, ranch beef tenderloin, and then a sticky toffee pudding with star anise to finish it off. It was a very large meal and everything was excellent and unique (for me anyway)! 

Kira – Your personal commitment to quality is obvious in everything you do. Your precision, creativity and eye for exquisite detail set you apart from all the rest and we are so grateful that you decided to take this journey with us over 11 years ago.  Thank you for bringing your best self to work every day and sharing your many wonderful talents with us and our family of clients. It is an honor to work beside you each day and we look forward to many more years together!  And a special thanks to Tony, Bianca and Domenic as well for allowing us to share in your world!   

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