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SOMWhat’s covered: 2014 recap and 2015 projections

Date: 2/2015

WEB HT REPORTWhat’s covered: 2014 thus far, factors affecting the stock market & economy, and decisions made for Richmond Brothers clients (View Slides Only)

Date: 8/2014

2014 State of the MarketsWhat’s covered: 2013 review, factors affecting the stock market & economy, 2014 projections and tax time overview reminder for clients (View Slides Only)

Date: 2/2014

What’s covered: 2013 thus far, factors affecting the stock market & economy, and trends to help guide a decision making process when investing (View Slides Only)

Date: 8/2013

What’s covered: review of 2012, factors affecting the stock market and economy, recent tax law changes and projections for 2013 (View slides only here or click on the picture for the webinar recording).

Simpson Bowles report discussed in presentation.

Date: 2/2013

What’s covered: Will Social Security be there for Baby Boomers, how much they can expect to receive, when to apply for Social Security, how to maximize benefits.

Date: 8/2012

Due to technical issues, the presentation is not linked to the audio of this webinar. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please click on the picture for the slides and click here for the audio.What’s covered: the circumstances the U.S. could be facing if any of the European economies melt down, how the problems in Europe and Asia could affect you, and what can be done to help protect your future

Date: 6/2012

What’s covered: review of 2011, factors affecting the stock market & economy, economist projections & investment strategies Richmond Brothers uses for clients.Debt Limit YouTube video featured in the presentation.

Date: 2/2012

What’s covered: ways that you can prevent identity theft and what to do should your identity be stolen. (View Slides)Watch this video in conjunction with the presentation.

Date: 8/2011

What’s covered: The different types of annuities and why you might use them in your investment portfolio (View Slides)

Date: 10/2010

What’s covered: Why you should plan your legacy and how to go about it (View Slides)

Date: 9/2010

(View Slides)Date: 4/2010

What’s covered: Roth IRA v. Traditional IRA and points to consider before making the conversion (View Slides)

Date: 3/2010

What’s covered: points to consider before investing, common investment scams, red flags, resources to help protect yourself (View Slides)

Date: 1/2010

What’s covered: questions to ask potential advisors per Ed Slott’s Stay Rich for Life Workbook 2009 (View Slides)

Date: 8/2009

What’s covered: guidelines to follow when investing during retirement (View slides)

Date: 8/2009


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