Richmond Brothers’ Story

Growing up, Dave and John Richmond witnessed the huge, positive impact one could make in the lives of others by working in the financial services industry. Being employed in their father’s regional insurance office from a very young age, they developed a desire for helping people first-hand.

In 1994, the brothers made the decision to join forces and establish their own insurance firm. In order to generate new business, Richmond Brothers Educational Seminars conducted an informative series providing a broad overview of financial matters, including basic finances, investment vehicles, insurance, estate planning and more. Dave and John were touched by the fact that in doing their job and helping their clients make good financial decisions, they were able to help make dreams come true.

Through the years of educational seminars, the company evolved from an insurance-focused business into a money management firm. In 2001, Dave and John incorporated the firm, naming it Richmond Brothers Financial Management Specialists. They resolved to assist clients more holistically by helping to accumulate wealth and helping to extend a client’s legacy. The company was based around building relationships and striving to provide better service and lower fees than the competition.

Eighteen years after its initial creation, Richmond Brothers, Inc. became a Registered Investment Adviser and has grown to serve more than 500 clients in over 20 states. With a family of eight support staff and three financial advisors, Richmond Brothers, Inc. helps to provide proper management and make clients’ dreams a reality, one person at a time.

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Richmond Brothers Family Core Value: #3. Be Adventurous, Fun & Open-Minded