The mission of Richmond Brothers, Inc. is to make a difference in the world. We choose to do this by helping our clients achieve their financial objectives so in turn they can make a difference in the lives of those they touch. 

This is accomplished by gathering pertinent information, researching, recommending investment allocations, implementing a plan, and exercising continuous oversight of our clients’ portfolios. Equally as important is providing a relationship-oriented, first-class service experience with every interaction.


We, the members of Richmond Brothers, commit our energies, intellect, and knowledge to attaining the financial objectives of our clients by providing the highest possible level of service and delivering investment alternatives. We believe that putting the financial well being of our clients first ultimately serves the best interest of our team and our community. Remaining responsive to the needs of our clients in a financial environment characterized by constant change is our continuing challenge.

Our business is people and their financial well-being. Therefore, in the pursuit of our goals, we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the following precepts:

  • Our clients always come first.
  • We must provide the highest level of service with integrity.
  • Assisting our clients in the attainment of their financial objectives is our most worthy enterprise.
  • We must communicate with our clients clearly and frequently.
  • Our services must be of superior quality.
  • Teamwork, cooperating with and providing assistance and support to our fellow team members is fundamental to sustaining a quality work environment which nurtures opportunities for unparalleled service, personal growth and job satisfaction.
  • Continuing education is necessary to maintain the timeliness of investment knowledge, tax laws and financial techniques.
  • Innovation is requisite to our survival in a changing world.
  • To emulate other members of our industry requires that we work hard; to excel beyond our peers is to provide an even higher caliber of service to our clients.
  • We must give something back to the community in which we live and work.


Our vision is that we will consistently provide our clients and prospective clients with a first-class experience whenever they interact with us. Those we do business with will recognize the difference between dealing with us and all our competitors. Over time, we will create a standard by which everyone else will be measured.

Our rock bottom base performance is:

We are always on time
We do what we say we will do
We finish what we start
We say please and thank you during and after every interaction

The principles we use to create our first-class vision every day are:

Choose Your Attitude
Be There
Make Someone’s Day

The tools we use to keep the vision alive are:

Be It
Coach It

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Richmond Brothers Family Core Value: #10. Power of the Positive Mindset