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Jackson Community College Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Below are the stories of two students who were able to attend JCC because of the scholarships they received from Richmond Brothers.

Shane Gritzmaker and Kim Hong were both graduates of the class of 2009, and both are first-generation college students. Though their stories are different, each faced challenges on their paths to college, but with hard work and the help and support of Richmond Brothers’ scholarships, each has found happy endings at the end of their journey.

Shane’s story

Shane knew he wanted to be a police officer as early as the second grade, but when he graduated from Hudson High School in 2006, he feared he couldn’t attend college without financial assistance. Scholarship aid from JCC helped. “The scholarships I received at JCC were life changing… without them, I couldn’t achieve my career goals.” Now, not only will Shane be the first in his family to graduate from a community college, but he will be the first to transfer to a four-year college as well. Shane will attend Siena Heights University in the fall to major in criminal justice and earn a bachelor’s degree. His story has a happy ending as he’s well on his way to achieving his dream. “If I can do it, so can others … with scholarship aid and through the generosity of people who make that possible. I hope that telling others about my experience will just be the beginning of my giving back.”

Kim’s story

Kim’s path to college was interrupted when his grandfather — owner of the family’s Chinese restaurant on Long Island — died and the family needed Kim to step in and help run the business. Kim developed a passion for cooking which led to a long career in culinary arts. He moved his wife and three children to Michigan in 1995 when he took a job in food sales, but the pressures of family, career, and two jobs took their toll on Kim’s health. Those health issues forced him to stop working, nearly devastating him and his family financially. After a major surgery and many months in and out of hospitals, and with the loving encouragement of his wife, Edith, Kim sought a new career in the medical field and returned to college at JCC. In May, he graduated with a degree in radiography – an accomplishment that would have been impossible if not for the first-generation scholarship he received. And Kim’s newfound passion in the medical field may just be taking off – he’s considering continuing his education in nuclear medicine.

Would You Like to Join Richmond Brothers in Supporting JCC Students?

Both Shane and Kim look forward to helping others someday the way they’ve been helped, and will never forget the generosity of those who made their success possible. If you’d like to join Richmond Brothers and make a tax-deductible gift, call the JCC Foundation at 517-787-0244, or make your tax deductible gift online at Shane, Kim, and thousands of students like them will never forget your generosity. Just ask Shane and Kim.

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