Team Biographies

Providing a first-class service experience demands a first-class team and that is where we will start. These are the people who have made our business what it is today. Our principles and their execution are what makes us unique and this is carried out by our business philosophy and the people who passionately enact it.

Each of the professionals on our team has their own story, next time you are in, ask them about theirs. These are the people that make our vision and mission happen, make a living and breathing culture instead of a stuffy statement. We are blessed to have them and you’ll soon realize why you are blessed to have them as well.

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      David S. Richmond            John M. Richmond           Matthew J. Curfman            


     Daniel J. Vredeveld             Tara E. Furnas              Sally J. Shaughnessy


              Cindy A. Ott                     Sue A. VanEyck


     Kira L. Francetic                Sharon A. Ballinger

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