Getting to Know You

Choosing a financial planning partner isn’t like choosing where you’re flying to for your next vacation. You want to make sure you’ll be working with someone whose investing philosophies and values align with yours. Someone you can relate to. And someone whose knowledge and skills you have complete confidence in.

To help you get to know our firm—and us get to know you—we typically hold two no-cost, no-obligation consultations. These informal meetings allow both of us to determine whether or not we’re a good fit for one another.

Activation Meeting

This initial meeting is a “test flight” of sorts—a great way for us to get acquainted. We can talk casually about your family, career, investment objectives, goals, and your expectations of us. We even give you a handy checklist to help you gather the information we need to help make this meeting as productive for each of us as possible.

Navigation Review

Based on the information from our first meeting, we present you with a financial plan analysis. This write-up provides a basic blueprint for achieving your goals: how much money is needed to save and invest, the rate of return needed, and how much insurance is required (if any). Your analysis will also show how to implement a course of action.

Depending on your stage in life, we may also present you with a retirement scenario; perhaps you have a decision to make between a lump sum payout or a pension, or you just want to better visualize what your financial situation would be should you retire right away or wait another year or two – we can help you determine the best choice for your situation by utilizing these scenarios. Finally, based on the goals we’ve discussed, we present investment recommendations we’ve put together.


You can expect each meeting to last about 90 minutes. There’s no need to dress up—come as you are! We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible when we meet.

Let Us Help You Soar Toward Your Financial Goals

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