Sally Awarded Above & Beyond for 4Q 2012

We are truly proud to announce the “Above and Beyond” recipient for the last quarter of 2012: Sally Shaughnessy.

In case you are unfamiliar with Richmond Brothers’ Above & Beyond program, it is a recognition system that Richmond Brothers uses for our team to point out the instances when our fellow team members have acted outside of their normal job duties and likewise, have made a positive difference for either our clients or for co-workers. This program hits the mark on Richmond Brothers’ core values and mission statement; it is truly the lifeblood of our culture to leave genuine smiles on the faces of those we touch.

As part of the program, employees are presented with certificates throughout the quarter by fellow co-workers when they “get caught” doing something that far exceeds their duties. At the end of each quarter, the employee who has accumulated the most Above and Beyond certificates is awarded a small gift as a token of appreciation.

Reviewing the certificates Sally received throughout the 2012 fourth quarter from fellow staff members, it is apparent that not only does she go out of her way to help clients of Richmond Brothers, but she also provides her team members with inspiration and motivation. Her positivity and helpfulness truly is infectious.

Congratulations, Sally! We are sincerely gratified to have you as “the face” of Richmond Brothers!

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