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John “GB” Richmond

CCO & Client Communications

GB is a founding partner and former owner of Richmond Brothers, Inc. He serves as Richmond Brothers’ Chief Compliance Officer, helping ensure Richmond Brothers remains compliant to government rules and regulations. In addition, GB conducts performance report updates, reviewing client portfolios, and communicating Dave’s and Matt’s thoughts on the economy and markets. GB also manages the company’s finances and sits on the executive committee to review strategic planning.

Since 1994, he has provided effective leadership and managerial skills that have been essential in helping make the company what it is today. GB receives continual inspiration and strength from his wonderful spouse, Danni, and their “litter” of children: Chelsey, Evan, Cameron, Collin and Austin. GB is active in Queen of the Miraculous Medal Catholic Church, as well as at the Diocese of Lansing, serving as Chair of the Men’s Conference Committee.  He is also involved in the Jackson Community College Foundation through the Wilbur L. Dungy Endowed Chair and scholarship programs established and funded through the Richmond Brothers Foundation, of which he is a founding member.

GB’s interests include strengthening his relationship with God, family activities, reading, sports, drumming and fitness.

Phone: 517-435-4033