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Chief Compliance Officer

Matt joined Richmond Brothers' team in 2018, having gained 10 years of experience in compliance working with hundreds of registered investment advisers and consulting with Chief Compliance Officers all over the country. Born in the Midwest and raised in Missouri, Matt earned his B.A. in Fine Arts from Mizzou. After a stint in Europe teaching English, Matt relocated to New York City. He attended NYU, received his paralegal certificate and entered the legal industry focusing on criminal defense including white collar crimes and RICO fraud.

During his nine years in a leading compliance consulting firm in Los Angeles, Matt worked with state securities divisions and the Securities and Exchange Commission acquiring a wide knowledge base of the rules and regulations affecting wealth management firms. Matt helps to maintain Richmond Brothers' steady course of regulatory compliance and ensure our firm flourishes under that endeavor.

Based in sunny California, Matt enjoys running and is quite the "foodie." A true wanderlust, he loves to chase good weather wherever it goes! Maui has been one of his favorite locations to visit to date and he's looking forward to his next destination.

Phone: 517-435-4040